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          服务热线: 400-619-3396
          咨询热线: 136-0028-7835
            Jiahong packaging was founded in 2011, adhering to the enterprise spirit of the proessional, good faith, committed to automated packaging equipment and packaging materials (PP/PET packing belt) research and development, production and sales, agent for Taiwan's well-known brand portable electric baling press and high-speed automatic banding machine, with high quality can be provided to the general industry customers trusted products, with "the good faith management, service is supreme" the enterprise objective based on the market at home and abroad.
            Jiahong packaging founder of 16 years in packing industry, has rich experience in packaging automation design planning, with the perfect automatic sealing contraction, automatic out of the box, automatic packing, sealing, packaging, printing, labeling, weighing, pallet in the arrow type packaging - horizontal packing - pallet wrapping package - logistics delivery system and so on, makes every effort to maximize the packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, reduce labor intensity, help customers to realize the automatic packaging, we strive to be a leader in packaging industry, do the most professional packaging solutions and improve the overall supplier of one - stop service.

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